Monday, June 15, 2009

The Soda Shop (Animated) Tut


To do this tutorial you must have some knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop.

This Tag was made using PSPX2 and Animation Shop. This tutorial is also copyrighted by Young at Heart Designs.
Im using the awesome work of Popeye Wong. If you wish to use his work you can get it from HERE.
The awesome kit I used is called "Fabulous Fifties" by Just a Girls Designs and it can be found HERE.

Mask #5 by Ginas Gem: HERE
Plug-in->Eye Candy 4000->Gradient Glow
Plug-in->MuRa's Filter Meister>Copies
Font: Sugar

I used shadow settings V3,H2, O50, B5, Color Black on ALL elements, layers, text and the tube except for the mask layer.
I also sharpened every element and tube I had to resize to get the quality like the original size.

1 Open, copy and paste as new layers the FabulousFifties-Counter2, FabulousFifties-JAG-Car, FabulousFifties-JAG-Dinersign
FabulousFifties-JAG-Floor, FabulousFifties-JAG-Record2, and FabulousFifties-JAG-SodaShoppe.
2 Resize and position where desired.
Use my example for reference.
3 Open, copy and paste as a new layer your choice of tube.
4 Resize and position where desired.
5 Go to the very 1st layer and open, copy and paste as a new layer your choice of paper.
6 Move this layer to the bottom making it the 1st layer.
7 Open the mask and minimize it.
8 Go to Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image.
9 In the drop down for Source select BabesDesignz_Mask11.
10 Make sure Source luminance and Invert Mask Data are selected and hit ok.
11 Go to Layers>Merge>Merge Group.
12 Resize the mask layer to be bigger.
13 Duplicate your mask layer.
14 Mirror the duplicated mask and then merge the two together.
15 Duplicate your mask layer one more time to make it more visible.
16 Get your text tool and font choice and type your desired wording. I added a gradient glow to the wording.
17 Add copyright.
18 If you are not doing the animation, resize and save as png.

If you are doing the animation, follow these steps:

19 Go to the very 1st layer and get your paint bucket tool and flood fill white.
20 Click on your record layer.
21 We are going to duplicate it and then turn it once holding the shift key at the same time.
22 Duplicate it again, turning it once and holding the shift key at the same time.
23 Continue to do this until you have a total of 5 record layers.
24 Rename the layers as record1, record2 and so on.
25 Now open, copy and paste as a new layer the FabulousFifties-JAG-IceCreamSoda.
26 Resize to desired size. Use my example as a reference.
27 Move this in the center of the canvas and covert to raster.
28 Go to Effects>Plug-ins>MuRa's Filter Meister>Copies.
29 Apply these settings: Drop down window below the preview select Line (Random Rotate) and leave the rest as default.
30 Click ok.
31 Move this layer to the top of the canvas and right above your mask layer.
32 Now this is going to have to be done perfect to work out properly.
Duplicate the icecream layer once.
33 You need to hit shift and the down arrow button at the same time 3 times.
34 Duplicate this layer and repeat the step #:33.
35 Continue to do this until the there are icecream layers going all the way down the canvas.
If you did this properly you should have a total of 4 icecream layers.
36 Rename these layers icecream1, icecream2 and so on.
37 Hide all record layers and icecream layers except for record 1.
38 Copy merge and go to Animation Shop.
39 Paste as a new animation.
40 Back in PSP, hide record1 and unhide record2 and icecream1.
41 Copy merge and go back to AS.
42 Right-click on the frame and select Paste after current frame.
43 Back in PSP, hide record2 and icecream1 and unhide record3 and icecream2.
44 Copy merge and go to AS.
45 Right-click on the current frame and select paste after current frame.
46 Now repeat this until you have copy merged all the records and icecream layers.
You should have a total of 5 frames.
47 Select all and change the frame properties to 75.
48 Resize and save as a gif.
You are all done!!


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