Monday, June 22, 2009

American Babe

This Tutorial was written by Me On June 22, 2009
Any similarites is purely coincidental. You need to have a basic Knowledge of Psp and animation shop to do this tutorial.
Today Im using the Beautiful work of Elias Chadzoudis you must have his license numbers to use his tubes, you can get the tubes and licenses Here
The template im using was made by Missy , template 200 you can get it Here
The FTU Scrapkit was Made by Simone you can get it Here
The Font USStarsNStripes can be found Here
You can get my Word Art Here
Ok lets go!
1. Open Template up in psp~copy and close original
Delete the copyrights
click on bottom layer In the pallet and go to image~canvas size and resize to 650x650
Flood fill layer white.
2. Click on Circle background layer in the pallet~Selections~select all~float~defloat~
Open paper of choice~ I used paper 1~ and copy and paste as a new layer~resize if you choose , I did because I wanted the starts to be smaller~ Invert~ Hit delete on keyboard~selections~select none. Delete the circle template layer
3. Click on the dotted circle layer~ go to selections~select all~float~defloat~ Open a new canvas
650X650 and flood fill red color I used c00000~ copy and paste as a new layer~ selections~
Invert~Hit delete on Keyboard~selections~select none~ delete the dotted circle template layer.
4. click on star layer~ select all~ float~defloat~Open a new canvas layer and flood fill
with a color of blue I used 000080~ copy and paste this new paper as a new layer~
selections~invert~ hit delete on keyboard~ selections~select none. Delete the star template layer.
5. Click on star background layer~ select all~float~defloat~ open red paper up again and paste
as a new layer~selections~ invert~ Hit delete on keyboard ~selections~select none
delete the star background template layer.
If you wanna animate this tag do steps 6 and 7 if you dont you can skip these two steps.
6. Click on the Red Star layer in the pallet~ duplicate this layer twice.
Click on the middle red star and select all~ float~ defloat~ flood fill white ~select none.
7. Click on top red star layer ~repeat 6 but change the color to Blue instead of White~ select none. Name these layers star 1 start 2 and star 3
8. Resize all layers to 500X500
9 Add tube of choice and place where desired , resizing to your liking, or see my tag
for placement.
10. Open any elements you want and copy and paste where you want
resizing and adding drop shadows of choice.
11.Add word art or create your own.
12. Add copyrights and name.

No we are ready to animate this tag!!
1. In Psp Close off the star 2 and star 3 layer~ edit ~copy special~copy merge
take to animation shop and paste as a new animation.
2. Back to psp close off star layer 1 and open star layer 2~
Edit~copy special~copy merged~
Take to animation shop and paste after current frame.
3. Back to psp ~ close off star layer 2 and open star layer 3
Edit~ciopy special ~copy merged~ take to animation shop and
Paste after current frame.
4. In animation shop go to edit ~ select all~ animations~ frame properties and set to 50
View your animation and if you like what you have created save as a gif and your done!
Thanks for trying my tutorial!


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