Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons..... (Animated) Tut


To do this tutorial you must have some knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop.

This Tag was made using PSPX2 and Animation Shop. This tutorial is also copyrighted by Young at Heart Designs.

The adorbale kit I used is "When Life Gives You Lemons" by KNC Scraps and it can be found HERE.

Supplies I used:
Mask & Wordart: HERE
(If this mask is yours please let me know so I can give you proper credit.)
Font: SBC Pool Noodle
Plug-in: Eye Candy 4000->Gradient Glow
Plug-in": DSB Flux->Bright Noise

I used shadow settings V3,H2, O50, B5, Color Black on ALL elements, layers, text and the tube except for the mask layer.
I also sharpened every element and tube I had to resize to get the quality like the original size.

Ok lets get going!!

1 Open a new blank 700x700, we will resize later.
2 Open, copy and paste your choice of paper.
I used paper5
3 Make sure you are on your new paper layer.
4 Go to Layers->New Layer Mask->From Image
5 Click on Source Window Drop Down and select mask100.
6 Make sure source luminance is selected and hit okay.
7 Right click on the mask layer and select Merge->Merge Group.
8 Resize your mask layer to be as big as the canvas layer so you can see if much better after you have pasted your elements.
9 Open, copy and paste as new layers any elements you desire.
I used: fresh squeezed
lemonade sign
lemonade stand
lemonade stool
lemonade table
Place the elmenets & tube where desired.
10 Choose desired font and type out your desired text.
I used colors: Foreground: #fcda4a
Background: #000000
I also added a gradient glow to the text with the color: #017534.
I also used text size: 20
11 Add Copyrights
12 If you are not doing the animation merge all layer, resize all layers to 500x500 and save.

If you are going to do the animation follow these steps:

13 Go to your very first layer and get your paint bucket tool and flood fill white.
14 Click on your lemonade stand layer and select your magic wand tool.
15 Then click on the part of the stand that you want to add the effect too.
Use my tag for reference. I selected the whole lemon part.
You may need to hit select and click it at the same time to get the whole lemon.
16 Once you have the part you want selected duplicate the layer twice, giving you a total of 3 layers.
17 Now rename each to lemonade stand1, lemonade stand2 and lemonade stand3.
18 Click on your lemonade stand1 and go to Effects->Plug-ins->DSB Flux->Bright Noise
19 Use the settings: Intesity 40 and on Mix. Hit okay.
20 Now click on your lemonade stand2 and go to Effects->Plug-ins->DSB Flux->Bright Noise
21 Use the same settings and hit okay. Repeat these steps for your lemonade stand3.
22 Go to Selections->Select None
23 Now hide lemonade stand2 and lemonade stand3.
24 Copy merge and go to Animation Shop and paste as a new animation.
25 Back in PSP and hide lemonade stand1 and unhide lemonade stand2.
26 Copy merge and go to Animation Shop and right click on your frame. Select paste after current frame.
27 Back in PSP and hide lemonade stand2 and unhide lemonade stand3.
28 Copy merge and go to Animation Shop and right click on your frame. Select paste after current frame.
29 Still in AS and select all. Go to Animation->Resize Animation and resize.
30 Save as gif and you are done!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please send me your results.


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