Friday, July 17, 2009

Karma (Animated) Tut


To do this tutorial you must have some knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop.

This tut was written and copyright by Kali at Young at Heart Designs.
I used PSPX2 and Animation Shop to create this tut.

-Awesome kit by Missy from SWA called "Karma" and can be found HERE.
-Tube of Choice I used the artwork of Jaime Kidd, you will need a proper license to use her work which you can get by visiting CILM - HERE.
-Mask of choice
-Font: Cheri
-Plug-in: Eye Candy 4000>Gradient Glow (Used for wording)

I have added a drop shadow to pretty much every layer and I also sharpened all elements if I resized them so they maintained the same
quality as the original one.

1 Open a new canvas 700x700.
2 Open your choice of frames the kit.
3 Open your choice of paper from the kit.
4 Resize to canvas size.
5 Click back on your frame layer.
6 Get your magic wand tool and click in the center of the opening.
7 Click on the newly added paper layer and go to Selections>Invert and then hit delete on your keyboard.
8 Repeat for the other frame.
9 Open your choice of tubes.
10 Resize and position where desired.
11 Open your choice of elements from the kit.
**Make sure you open the laptop if you are doing the animation.**
12 Resize and position where desired.
Use my example for reference.
13 Open your choice of mask and minimize it.
14 Go to your 1st layer and open your choice of paper.
15 Resize to canvas size.
16 Go to Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image.
17 In the drop down for Source select your mask and hit okay.
18 Go to Layers>Merge>Merge Group.
19 Resize mask layer if your desire.
20 Get your text tool and font of choice.
21 Type out desired wording.
22 Add gradient glow to the wording.
23 Add copyrights.
24 If you are not doing the animation, resize and save as png.

If you are doing the animation, follow these steps:

25 Go to your 1st layer and get your paint bucket tool.
26 Flood fill white.
27 Duplicate your tubes and resize them to be much smaller.
28 Click on the laptop and get your magic wand tool.
29 Click in the center of the laptop screen.
30 Click on your 1st duplicated tube and go to Selections>Invert and hit delete on your keyboard.
31 Repeat for the other duplicated tube.
32 Hide both duplicated tubes.
33 Copy merge and go to Animation Shop.
34 Paste as a new animation.
35 Duplicate this frame 7 times giving you a total of 8 frames.
36 Repeat Steps #: 33-35 again giving you 2 of the animations.
37 Back in PSP, copy the first duplicated tube only.
38Go to AS and paste as a new animation.
39 Go to Effects>Insert Image Transition.
40 In the pop-up box apply these settings to the duplicated tube:
Animation Frame, Canvas Color, Transition Length: 2.0 Secs, Frames per Second: 3 fps and in the drop down select Fade and hit ok.
40 Repeat Steps #:37-40 for the 2nd duplicated tube.
41 Now go to the original animation and select all frames but the 1st one.
42 Go to the 1st duplicated tube frames and select all and copy.
42 Go to the animation and right-click in the 2nd frame and select Paste>Into Selected Frame.
43 Repeat Steps #: 41-42 for the 2nd original animation and the 2nd duplicate tube frames.
42 So now you should have 2 original animations and close out the tube frame because we do not need them anymore.
43 Choose what tube you want showing 1st in the animation.
44 Once you have decided select all frames of the tube you want showing last and hit copy.
45 Go to the 1st tube you want showing and click on the very last frame.
46 Right-click and select Paste After Current Frame.
47 Now they are both combined into one animation.
48 Select All and change the frame properties to 25.
49 Resize and save as a gif.
You are all done!!!

Thanks for doing my tut,

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