Thursday, July 2, 2009

American Spirit Tut


To do this tutorial you must have some knowledge of PSP. This tut is very easy and not many steps.

This tut was written and copyright by Kali at Young at Heart Designs.
I used PSPX2 to create this tut.

-Incrediable Kit by Traci Reed with Sweet Shoppe Designs called "American Spirit" and can be found HERE.
-Image of choice- I used a photo of my son and this is copyright so please do not use it!
-Plug-in>Eye Candy 4000>Gradient Glow

I have added a drop shadow to pretty much every layer and I also sharpened all elements if I resized them so they maintained the same
quality as the original one.

1 Open new canvas 700x700.
2 Open the Frame1 from the kit.
3 Resize and position where desired.
Use my example as a reference.
4 Open these elements from the kit as well:
banner2, button2, feltstar, feltstar2, firecracker1, firecracker2, frame2, frame3, glitterspray, pompom1, ribbon1, ribbon2, ribbon3, word-pride
5 Open any other desired elements from the kit.
6 Resize and position where desired.
7 Click on your circle frame and get your magic wand tool.
8 Click on one of the circles of the frame.
9 Open your choice of paper and go to Selections>Invert and hit delete on your keyboard.
10 Repeat this for the other 2 circles.
10 Open your choice of photo.
12 Resize and position under the rectangle frame layer.
13 Get your text tool and font of choice.
14 Type out any desired wording.
15 Add a gradient glow- width 3, color white and settings set on FAT to the wording.
16 Add copyrights.
17 Resize and save as a png.
You are all done!!!

Thanks for doing my tut,

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