Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Live,Laugh.Love tutorial By Sher (animated)

I made this tag today May 27, 2009
Any similarities is purely coincidental.
I'm using the Gorgeous work of Suzanne Woolcott You
Must have her licenses to use her tubes you can purchase them Here
The template I used was made By Missy you can get it Here
The Mask I used was made by Chelle you can get it Here
The scrap kit is a called Blessings its a FTU kit made by Mar you can get it Here
Plugins used VM Extravaganza you can find it Here
Font on Live, laugh, love is cookie dough font
Font used on name is Sweetheart Script I think it PTU but any pretty
script font will work.
Remember this is just a guide , any scrap kit or tubes will work
and you will still have a pretty cute tag, Great imaginations go a long way!

Ok lets go!

1. Open template in psp copy and close original
go to image and re size the canvas to 600x600
click on bottom layer and flood fill white.
delete copyright.
2. Click on scalloped shape in the layer pallet,
selections~select all~ float~defloat
Open paper of choice in psp, copy and paste as a new layer
selections~modify ~ smooth by 10~ invert~ hit delete on keyboard
select none~ delete template layer.
rename new layer scalloped layer.
Add drop shadow of choice,
3. Click on frame 1 layer in layer pallet
drop shadow of choice.
4. Click on frame 2 layer in layer pallet
drop shadow of choice.
5. Click on Rectangle layer in layer pallet
select all~Float~ defloat~flood fill with color of choice.
select none.
Add drop shadow of choice.
rename this layer rectangle layer
6. Click on large heart layer in layer pallet
select all ~float~defloat~ open paper of choice and copy and paste
as a new layer~ selections ~modify~smooth by 10~ invert
hit delete on keyboard~ select none ~ delete template layer.
rename new layer Heart Layer.
Add an inner bevel of choice and drop shadow.
Delete small heart layer we wont use it.
7. Click inside frame 1 with magic wand
selections~modify~expand by 5~ Add a new raster layer~flood fill with color of choice.
Move this layer under the frame and rename frame fill 1
8. repeat these steps with frame layer 2.
rename layer frame fill 2
9.Open tube of choice in psp and copy~ click inside frame 1 with magic wand~
Selections~modify~expand by 3
paste tube as a new layer and position inside frame~ resizing so it fits.
Invert~select none.
merge the frame the frame layer and tube to 1 layer
Name this new layer tube layer 1
10. Repeat with frame 2 , name it tube layer 2
11. Open elements of choice and place where desired, resizing when needed,
Add drop shadows of choice,
I colorized one flower to get the effect I needed.
12. For the bow I used my eraser tool and erased the frame then I
Re sized the bow 40% then 90% Then copied and pasted it
on the frame 1 layer, and added a drop shadow.
13. Click on the heart add text Live on a new vector layer~convert to raster layer and add gradient glow of 3 ~ name this layer live,~ close off this layer ~ add laugh~ repeat ~name this layer laugh ~ then add love~ repeat~ name this layer love.
Click on bottom layer in the pallet~ Add a new raster layer
Flood fill with color of choice
Go to Layers ~ load / save mask~ and load mask from disk
load making sure source luminance is checked
then merge group
re size the mask to 125%
duplicate mask then merge down so mask is on one layer.
go to effects~plugins~vm extravaganza~ transmission with settings 3, 10 40 hit ok.
14. re size all layers to 500x500
Add copyright and Name
now were ready to animate this cute tag.

Close off the laugh and love layer
edit ~copy special~copy merge
Take to Animation shop and paste as new animation
Back to psp
Close off Live layer and open Laugh layer
Edit ~Copy Special ~Copy Merged
Take to animation shop and paste after current frame
Back to Psp
Close of Laugh layer and open Love Layer
Edit~Copy Special ~ Copy Merged
Take to Animation shop and Paste after current frame.
Go to Edit~ Select All
go to animations and set frame properties at 100
view animations if you like your tag
save as gif and your done!
Thanks for trying my tutorial!

Huggies Sher

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  1. oh this is lovely, really lovely...I was at Marce's blog and I saw your tut, I share the same store with Mar and I would love if you could also make tut's with my kits, only if you like them, here is my blog:
    Thanks so much, hugs, Karen from Uruguay.