Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cinderella Smiles Tutorial by Sher

This Tutorial was written by me on May 17, 2009
If there is any similarities in my tutorials it is pure coincidental.

if you have a basic knowledge of psp there shouldn't be any problems for you.

Im using PSPx2 and a couple of filters , I have the links for you to go get
them if you don't have them.

Supplies needed

Template 4 by Alyssa you can get here:

Scrap kit is a PTU kit called Princess Wishes , you can purchase it Here:

wsl mask84 you can get Here:
Filters needed VM Natural you can get Here:

Tramages-tow the line - you can get Here:

Download supplies and add them to the desired files in psp.

Ok lets get going!

Open the template in psp, copy by clicking shift & d and close original.

Delete the copyright layer, Heart Layer, and the bottom Pink layer since we wont be using them.
Add a new raster layer and send to bottom for your canvas
go to image and resize canvas to 800x800
Click on canvas layer and add a new layer and fllodfill
Open a new canvas 800x800
using flood fill tool add these colors to the color pallet
flood fill using foreground color
go to effects ~ plug ins~vm natural~lakeside effects using default setting
and apply. Copy this then Go to template canvas and select the lrg rec bot layer
go to selections-select all-float ~defloat~ paste the paper you made now~ go to
selections~ modify ~smooth by 10~ selections~ invert~ hit delete on your keyboard
selections~select none.
Repeat this for the top rec layer
delete the templates layers.
Click on one of the Frame layers and select~ go to selections~select all
Float~Defloat~flood fill using the background color~ go to selections
select none.
Repeat this for all frames.
Then add a inner bevel of choice to these frames.
Click on one of the inside background layers
Selections~ select all~ float~ defoat~ flood fill with background color
selections ~select none. Do this on the other two background layers.
Now for the effects
click on the oval layer
go to effects~ texture effects~ Binds~ Use these settings
width 5 ~opacity 40 ~color white~both little menu boxes checked ~ click ok
Repeat same steps to the other2 small inside background layers.
click on on of the larger background layers
go to effects~plugins~tramages~tow the line~
use these settings 52-54`48-9~cick ok
Repeat these on the other large background layer.
Open your tube, copy and paste as a new layer, position where you want or see
my tag for placement.

Open castle and copy and paste as a new layer
resize it 50 % and then 80% and possition it in the middle of oval frame
Make sure it is under your tube layer.

Open Unicorn and copy and paste it as a new layer
resize it 80% two times and place it where desired, or see my tag for placement.

Open bow and copy and paste as a new layer ~resize to 50% and then to 80%
Place where desired or see my tag for placement. Duplicate and Mirror

select the bottom Blue layer~ go to layers and load /save mask~ Load from disk~ find wsl 84 make sure source luminance is checked~ fit to canvas is checked~ and show all mask is checked~
Load mask.

Add your text I used Larissa Font but any pretty script font will work

type out This Cinderella still has her Smile, and position
under the girl tube

Add your name on the top of tag, see my tag for placement.

Add your desired drop shodows to your elements , resize to 500x500 and add copywrites and your done! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! If you need any help just let me know!


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